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Forensic and Psycho-Legal Services in Oakville

As an experienced forensic psychologist in Oakville, I can provide psycho-legal services like psychological risk assessment, and treatment services for individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system. I have over 25 years of experience in providing evidence-based assessment and treatment services for individuals who have been charged and/or convicted of an offence. Through my specialized expertise, I can offer psychological services in the areas of addiction and criminal behaviour.

Psycho-legal services are also provided to individuals who have been the victims of crime.


Forensic Psychological Services

Dr. Lynn Lightfoot & Associates offers forensic psychological services, which include:

  • Psychological Risk Assessment Reports

  • Comprehensive Forensic Psychological Assessments

  • Staff Training and Consultation

If you, or your institution, require forensic psychological services, please contact my office today.


In Need of Forensic Psychological Services?

From risk assessment reports to staff training and consultation, you can count on our experienced forensic psychologist, Dr. Lightfoot.

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